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Shaman Quick Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft Mop 5.1


 Shaman is that kind of World of Warcraft classes which is very favorable and wowers always say that this class is a hybrid class because they are depending on how players choose to customize their this wow character's talents, different game players can make this class into different shape and no matter what  kind of shaman is in the game, gamers need to level it to the level cap 90 quickly , so in the following parts we are going to talk about Shaman quick leveling guide for world of Warcraft mop 5.1.

At first we'd like to talk about how to choose the best race and the professions for Shaman so that they can level even faster. For the race part, Horde Orc can a very good choice, Blood Fury increases melee and spell damage for a short time, Resistance to stuns is nice for PvP and certain other situations, Expertise with Axes and Fist weapons will save a few points at the end-game, if you use those weapons. Alliance Dwarf - The dwarves have been corrupted/enhanced by new tribes, some with a Shamanistic tradition. Naturally their totems should be kegs, but aren’t. Stone Form washes away bleeds and such, for a few seconds, as well as reducing damage by 10%.Increased Expertise with Maces save a few points when trying to maximize your end-game efficiency, if a mace is the best weapon. And when you choose the professions for Shaman in world of Warcraft patch 5.1, skinning and Herbalism is very good to help you gain a lot of mop 5.1 gold.

I suggest you get decent at kiting and practice it. It will help you in PvP, and when you need to run away from mobs. Kiting as a shaman (as any spec) can be done with 3 spells. Frost shock and earthbind are the kiting moves, and if you have improved ghost wolf you’re able to run away better, but it’s not required.In PvP (such as being jumped while leveling) your best bet is to frost shock kite, as earthbind is likely going to be destroyed quickly (but feel free to plant it, just don’t rely on it). Frost shock kiting works equally as well with mobs, but earthbind can be reliable too since mobs don’t ever consider that the totem making them go slower should be smacked.

Keen on the glyphs as a shaman in world of Warcraft because they can help you gain more experience points in a short time. As for glyphs, Ghost Wolf, Flame Shock, Unleashed Lightning, and Capacitor Totem are all good choices for both specs. And if you're wondering why I include Unleashed Lightning for enhancement, it's because being able to continue dealing damage while running to mobs or away from them is ideal for leveling. It's not in my top three glyph choices, but if you want to use it is effective.

Leveling a wow character in world of Warcraft need time and game currency so for this guide it is only a part of shaman leveling life, in the game different gamers have different ways to level their shaman to the level cap quickly and if you have some other good idea to level this class quickly you can share your idea with us at and here we also offer cheap and legit Pandaria 5.1 gold with fast delivery.

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